Friday, 4 June 2010

Yay! Bourne Mill have a web site.

I was so pleased to find out today that Bourne Mill have launched their new web site. It's still very much under construction, but I can just tell it's going to be great - because Bourne Mill is such a fantastic place! I've added it to my Favourite Places (on the side of my blog) if you want to go over and take a look at it. I'm not on the Dealers page yet - but as soon as I can, I'll be writing up my bit for Gorgeous Things!

I took a quick couple of shots of my room today - I've not been trading here for long, as you know, and I'm still trying to fill it up with stock. I think it's getting there - I would welcome any comments - especially for improving it. (please be gentle, though!).

Can you spot a couple of crochet throws in there? I love, love, love them! But I mustn't get too attached to my stock, must I? I think this is why it is taking me a long time to get all my linens sorted out - I don't think I really want to part with them. A hazard of the job I guess.

(Don't look too closely, but one of those French ladies on the left has her boob out! Tsk! Tsk!)

Here's a closer look at some of the new stock I took up to the shop today - there's this totally gorgeous butter dish - who couldn't love this one? Look at those little pastel coloured flowers!

Then, for those who like a bit of sophisticated glamour, there was these Spode handled bowls. A full set of 6, all in perfect condition - I was really lucky to find these. I love the colour - it's called Flemish Green, which really doesn't sound nice does it (the words Flem and Green should NOT be used to describe anything used for food, in my opinion)? They look fabulous next to crisp white damask.

I managed to get these lovely vintage embroidered curtains ready - I have been very tempted to make them into roman blinds for my bedroom. They are the most gorgeous crisp cotton with such great shabby chic embroidery - just like the old tablecloths. They just look sooooo fresh!
Then there was this pretty tatted table centre. It's in a lovely natural linen colour. Imagine the amount of work in this? I have never done any tatting - I'm going to add it to my list of crafts to try out (another project to take to my sewing morning!) It gives a really dainty effect - love it!
Well, that's probably enough for today - I'll try and get some more of those linens out this weekend - as I know you love them! But then again, it looks like I might have to spend some time in the garden - can't waste this amazing sunshine we're enjoying here in Hampshire!

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