Sunday, 30 May 2010

Some new stock

New stock is arriving soon at the Gorgeous Things Flagship Store! And I thought you might like a sneak preview. The theme seems to be country kitchen - I have such a soft spot for these homely pieces.

The first is this gorgeous kitchen side table with pot board. I've always wanted one of these. It has taken me an age to prepare and paint it - but really worth all the work I think. Here it is whilst I was finishing the top - which I have since sealed with Colron Finishing Oil (which looks and smells delicious).

Sorry about the funny angle, but it was the best I could do through the kitchen door. It is already in the shop, and is fabulous for displaying some of my larger linens, vintage Welsh blankets, vintage bedspreads and my vintage crochet blankets etc - I must take some photos of it loaded up (another time, I guess).

Another country kitchen piece which is newly finished is this sideboard. I have decoupaged the whole interior in a fresh blue check. This is one of several pieces where I have decoupaged the interior - I love this look! I think that the piece looks great anyway, but then , you open the cupboard and you get this blast of gorgeous colour - it's like a lovely, cheery surprise! It took me a lot longer than I thought to do this decoupaging - typical of me to underestimate the job - and two whole rolls of craft paper! I still can't believe it took so much paper (although, I suppose I did do the drawers as well)

Now I have the decoupage bug, I just have keep going - I added a bit of pizazz to this little shelf - I hope you like it...

These are just a couple of the things I remembered to take photos of, there is plenty more in the Gorgeous Things shop. But all this painting has made me a bit slow in restocking with those lovely hand embroidered tablecloths and linens. I have so much stock to get sorted out and into the shop. I will post soon with some pretty pictures of the vintage linens, I'm sure you'll love them!

If you like any of my things, they are for sale in the Gorgeous Things Flagship Store (as I like to call it!) just visit Bourne Mill, Farnham. Or drop me an email if you're too far away to visit.

Meanwhile, here's a quick update on the lovely hens from my last post. Well.... here's naughty Doreen having a look in the kitchen this morning, as I was fiddling around with my camera.

Cheeky madam!!!! I'm not sure chickens should get too close to ovens.

Now back to sorting out some stock for tomorrow - would you like to have a look in the next boxes of goodies I have to go through? Oh, ok then...

Nice enamelware bowl at the bottom there, oh, and a sweet pink jug, and is that a bit of 70s kitchen storage there ? - not sure about the straw hat, I'd love to do something with it, but I'll have to see if I get any inspiration Otherwise it'll be off to the car boot. I'll let you know how it goes.