Sunday, 6 June 2010

An English Summer's Day

The weather is totally marvellous today in Hampshire - like a proper English summer's day should be! Not only is it sunny and warm, but there is a blustery breeze, making it what my mother would call a perfect drying day. So, being a lady who loves her vintage linens, today should have been the day for getting them washed and dried. But, have I been doing that?

...well, I have a little bit - as you can see, but the distractions in the garden are difficult to resist. So rather than show you some more vintage glassware and china which are destined for the shop soon, I thought it might be nice to have a look at today's distractions? can't beat an English garden in June, can you?

I love, love, love peonies...

...and geraniums en masse (please don't see the bindweed on the left - I make a point to never take any notice of it)

and, did I tell you that I love, love, love peonies - Ooooh I do! much colour...

And, you know, I do love peonies.....

Those busy bees amongst the alliums.

And here are the stars of the show - Doreen and Beryl (above) and I could only manage an action shot of Sybil (below)! Being a legbar, she doesn't really like to stand still - especially if there is a camera around (or a person looking distracted). But she does look beautiful, don't you think? If only our Gladys would get out of her broody mood and join in the fun of the summer garden - any suggestions from you knowledgable hen lovers would be very welcome.

And the biggest distraction today has been the nice smell coming from the kitchen. What could be a better pudding on a lovely summer's day than...... pavlova... the perfect way to end the day! We've had a quick cooking lesson on making meringue today, and it looks like there is a little something missing...

...shouldn't there be another meringue where that knife is? Has someone found the temptation too much?
That is just the sort of sneaky thing that someone who has been a bit distracted today would do - isn't it?
Mmmmm, and delicious it was too!

Hope you've all enjoyed your day today - where ever you are!


  1. Hi there!
    Thanks for poppong over to my blog.
    I'm now on your list of followers too!
    Oh i fantasise about keeping chickens, always wanted some since I was about 4 yrs old when Grandad had some in his back garden, i got told off for giving them too much grit!

    Looking at one of your older posts, I noticed a lovely litle shelf with pink ? roses on, how much is it if it hasn't already sold that is?

    Best wishes,

    Sandie xx

  2. Hi there thanks for popping by- lovely to meet you. As for your broody- this sounds awful but put icepacks in the nest- it doesn't have to be anything fancy just a couple of plastic bags of frozen water. Also keep lifting her out- just when you think about it- she will soon get fed up of going back to a freezing nest. Works every time!

  3. Thanks for the broody advice - drastic action is what is needed, as she's been obsessed with that nest for weeks now and I'm worried about her. I've got the bags of water in the freezer already, fingers crossed!


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