Friday, 31 July 2009

Gorgeous Things from The Old Village Hall

Living in an old village hall gives me lots of space for playing around with interiors. I like to create a unique look using vintage stuff - reworking it as the mood takes me (which it usually does!). I'm pretty obsessed with painted furniture at the moment. Shabby chic, chateau chic, retro, vintage, kitsch - I love it all!

I am always busy creating something - the downside of this, though is that my home is full to overflowing - I tend to find and create more Gorgeous Things than I should - so every now and again I have to have a bit of a clear out - I have a feeling that time is coming again soon.......

... so, before I have to part with some of my Gorgeous Things, I thought I could share them on here. I love this chair - I think it's more like a throne, really. It is a pretty old chair, and, I have to admit it was lovely before I got to work on it - it was touch and go as to whether I could bear to strip it down and paint the frame. The legs are walnut, and I've painted them in Farrow & Ball's French Grey with a lightly distressed finish, and I had it professionally upholstered in Christobel - a beautiful 'chateau chic' linen by Kate Forman. I just love the beautiful sweep of the legs - but I have to admit that it isn't a chair for slouching in - that back is straight!!