Monday, 21 June 2010

What lovely needlework!

I have a huge stash of hand worked linens. I've been buying for the shop, of course, but I just seem to find it so hard to part with them! So today I decided that maybe I need to break this job down into smaller, more manageable goals. Like getting just two out of the stash and ready for the shop. Which I have managed, but then I thought I'd just photograph them before I let them go - so I can share them with you!

How about this beauty? I love the strong use of colour and the scalloped edging is divine. Can you imagine how long it must have taken to embroider? Let's have a closer look at some of the needlework.

oooh those pretty scalloped edges.
But for those of you who like a bit of crochet, my second piece is a real beauty...

Little Thing 1 and I are currently crocheting the granny stripe blanket by Lucy at Attic 24, so we are in awe at the amount of work in this table cloth. It is all done in lovely white cotton, and looks and feels really fresh. Personally, I would never use it on the table (too many messy eaters in this house), but it would make an amazing throw on the bed or even sofa if you have one of those "different shades of white" style interiors. I would love to achieve a calm, white interior, but this doesn't seem to work with my need to collect stock for the shop! So it's more like Steptoe's yard meets school art room. Shall we have a closer look at the crochet work?

 I wonder how many stitches are in this cloth? Sooooo pretty!

And here is the progress so far on my first ever crochet project - - somewhat rustic compared to the tablecloth above! But I'm quite pleased with it, and my crocheting speed is definitely improving. I can't believe how quickly I'm getting through the wool. I'm using Patons Fairytale 4 ply which comes in some lovely colours - but I am finding it challenging to choose the colour combinations, as this sort of bright colour is not my usual thing - but I am loving the challenge!

I'm hoping this baby gets a lot bigger over the Wimbledon fortnight - know what I mean???!!!
Toodle pip!

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