Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A Grand Day Out

The girls and I had a lovely trip out to the farm supplies shop.

Never been here before, but it looks really interesting - look at the size of those wheelbarrows! It looks like there could be a "retail opportunity" here! I really hope they have what we're looking for.

How about these little fluffballs......?


How about these ....... ?

Blimey - not once you see the price tag! But I love the fluffy feet and the multi-colours - very cute.
So how about these lovely looking young ladies.......?

These look more like the sort of thing.
So we went to have a chat with the chap in the shop who knew all about them. Apparently, they keep one of each breed which they are able to supply on display here, so I can choose which type I like, and place an order. Great idea.....

....so, I returned outside to let the kids know what we were supposed to do. A discussion then took place for about two minutes. The problem was that we thought we were going to get two ordinary brown chickens that day - and we had brought the cat baskets because we wanted to get them and take them home that day. Such disappointment - until we "hatched" a new plan:-
I explained the situation to the man. "Any chance we could take two of these chickens?" I asked the man. (Always worth asking, isn't it?)

"Yes, shouldn't be a problem. I can get some replacements from the supplier tomorrow. Which ones do you want?" he replied.

Well - that was a difficult question - as there was a gorgeous white one, and a lovely speckled one, oooooooooh, and one with a neat hairdo like a quiff over the top. Oh, and this browny one is sooooo friendly..... another discussion between the kids and me takes place, and before you know it .... into the basket ....

... FOUR hens are caught and put into the cat baskets (amid lots of squawking, which reduces me into a complete fit of giggles!!)

Oooops, sorry ladies, it's a bit of a squeeze in these cat baskets! Hope you don't mind too much!

Then, just as we are about to leave the hen pen (looking somewhat depleted) I saw a lovely little fully speckled lady who seemed a bit shy ...... No, I couldn't leave her - do you think she'll fit in the basket? I ask the man. Of course, he replies. Well, it was a bit of a squeeze....

They are sooooo helpful here - and he has all the bits and pieces I need to feed and look after them.

The car is now fully laden with huge bags of sawdust, pellets, corn, oyster shells, pellet feeder, water feeder, a pram, a baby (in baby seat), two baskets full of five chickens, two teenagers and two adults. Yup, it's a tight squeeze. But just look how happy we all are - yes, these kids cannot quite believe their luck!

Let's just hope that Dad's finished the final touches on their run by the time we get home. It's Dad's birthday today, so when he says "How many chickens have you got there? .... I thought we were getting two......" grumble..... grumble..... bah humbug....... etc.
We say "Happy birthday, Dad! Look this little speckled one is yours - isn't she lovely?"

And, let's face it, they are all totally gorgeous. And where's the fun in just keeping one breed of hen when you can have them all different? (I know I am just trying to convince myself here!) The kids have still not got over the fact that we came away with so many - normally I'm a very sensible person, who plans these things very carefully - I don't think they've ever seen me act so impulsively before!
And, as for Dad, well he just loves them too now - every time he goes out the back door to the greenhouse he takes a quick handful of corn to scatter on the way, and when the chickens see him they run after him clucking happily! I know, it's only cupboard love, but who's telling? They are sooooooo cute!
Many thanks to L and C for all your help, we really couldn't have done it without you.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A Big Garden Project

*** waves magic wand *** ... and... *** puff of magic smoke ***

Ta Da!

The hen house has been magically transformed into a Gorgeous Thing. And, yes, in case you were wondering, it IS in Farrow and Ball Lichen (sorry, I can't help myself - I just love that Farrow & Ball paint!) Although it was really tempting to make some little Kate Forman curtains for the ventilation window and a couple of bolster cushions for the nesting box, I have resisted, and have tried to focus on getting this project properly finished!

So what next? Ah yes, it needs a safe haven in the garden - we don't want any visits from that nasty Mr. Fox. So it's over to Hubby, with help from friends and family!

Just need to knock in a few posts ...

.....looks like hard work, boys!

The kids measure how deep to whack in the posts ....

then stretch the wire between the posts - but make sure it's level!

Now, just add a bit of chicken wire...

Yup, looking good! Now just one or two things missing. Can you guess what that might be?

Oooh! I can hardly wait.

Next installment will follow very soon!!!!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Hen House

Well, so much for having all my projects in one room. Already my project room isn't big enough to hold all my stuff, so I have overspilled into the dining room again.

This time it's the arrival of the hen house - Yippee! - great excitement at The Old Village Hall. But, of course, I don't want just an ordinary browny/orange stained wood hen house - nope, I want a cutesy, gorgeous painted one.

We've often talked about getting some hens, but it has never seemed to be the right time. But somehow it just happened that we noticed some cute hen houses on ebay, and before we knew it a bid had been made, and the house was won.

So, Lovely Hubby's done his big, strong, he-man thing and cleared a space for it to go....

... well I never liked that shrub anyway!

And then Lovely Hubby got out his tool kit and put it together.

... Hmm! What's going on in there? ...

And now it's sat on my dining room table...

... ready to be transformed into a Gorgeous Thing. How about Farrow and Ball's Lichen? Yes, I think that'll be it.

I really hope I can update you with the finished house VERY soon!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Project Room

Apparently, everybody needs a project room. Well I've never had one, and to be honest, I'd never even thought about it - but having just moved my youngest daughter out of her old bedroom and into another room which we have just finished renovating, I think I might have found one.

It has taken over a year to renovate my daughter's new room (and it still isn't completely finished) - how do these home makeover shows manage to finish so quickly?? Kevin McCloud would be able to have a fantastic rant at how slow we are - some people manage to build a mansion in the time!!! I'll post about the new room soon (once those all important finishing touches are in place!) with lots of photos.

Anyway, I digress - back to my project room! Up until now, my projects just happen all over the place - anywhere I fancy....

...so there are sewing machines and fabric all over the dining room, half painted benches in the hall, random pieces of furniture waiting for restoration in my bedroom, bedspreads and cushions for the new bedroom in the lounge..... etc. etc. ... So, when we finally moved the little angel into her new room last week, I took the opportunity to move some of the stuff from all around the house into her old room - and, hey presto, I now have a Project Room.

And here it is so far...

.. with a desk painting project underway already!

I love it! I can gather all my gorgeous unfinished things in one place... and it's pink and pretty, what could be nicer? AND I don't have to move half finished projects just so that the family can eat tea.

Friday, 31 July 2009

Gorgeous Things from The Old Village Hall

Living in an old village hall gives me lots of space for playing around with interiors. I like to create a unique look using vintage stuff - reworking it as the mood takes me (which it usually does!). I'm pretty obsessed with painted furniture at the moment. Shabby chic, chateau chic, retro, vintage, kitsch - I love it all!

I am always busy creating something - the downside of this, though is that my home is full to overflowing - I tend to find and create more Gorgeous Things than I should - so every now and again I have to have a bit of a clear out - I have a feeling that time is coming again soon.......

... so, before I have to part with some of my Gorgeous Things, I thought I could share them on here. I love this chair - I think it's more like a throne, really. It is a pretty old chair, and, I have to admit it was lovely before I got to work on it - it was touch and go as to whether I could bear to strip it down and paint the frame. The legs are walnut, and I've painted them in Farrow & Ball's French Grey with a lightly distressed finish, and I had it professionally upholstered in Christobel - a beautiful 'chateau chic' linen by Kate Forman. I just love the beautiful sweep of the legs - but I have to admit that it isn't a chair for slouching in - that back is straight!!