Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A Grand Day Out

The girls and I had a lovely trip out to the farm supplies shop.

Never been here before, but it looks really interesting - look at the size of those wheelbarrows! It looks like there could be a "retail opportunity" here! I really hope they have what we're looking for.

How about these little fluffballs......?


How about these ....... ?

Blimey - not once you see the price tag! But I love the fluffy feet and the multi-colours - very cute.
So how about these lovely looking young ladies.......?

These look more like the sort of thing.
So we went to have a chat with the chap in the shop who knew all about them. Apparently, they keep one of each breed which they are able to supply on display here, so I can choose which type I like, and place an order. Great idea.....

....so, I returned outside to let the kids know what we were supposed to do. A discussion then took place for about two minutes. The problem was that we thought we were going to get two ordinary brown chickens that day - and we had brought the cat baskets because we wanted to get them and take them home that day. Such disappointment - until we "hatched" a new plan:-
I explained the situation to the man. "Any chance we could take two of these chickens?" I asked the man. (Always worth asking, isn't it?)

"Yes, shouldn't be a problem. I can get some replacements from the supplier tomorrow. Which ones do you want?" he replied.

Well - that was a difficult question - as there was a gorgeous white one, and a lovely speckled one, oooooooooh, and one with a neat hairdo like a quiff over the top. Oh, and this browny one is sooooo friendly..... another discussion between the kids and me takes place, and before you know it .... into the basket ....

... FOUR hens are caught and put into the cat baskets (amid lots of squawking, which reduces me into a complete fit of giggles!!)

Oooops, sorry ladies, it's a bit of a squeeze in these cat baskets! Hope you don't mind too much!

Then, just as we are about to leave the hen pen (looking somewhat depleted) I saw a lovely little fully speckled lady who seemed a bit shy ...... No, I couldn't leave her - do you think she'll fit in the basket? I ask the man. Of course, he replies. Well, it was a bit of a squeeze....

They are sooooo helpful here - and he has all the bits and pieces I need to feed and look after them.

The car is now fully laden with huge bags of sawdust, pellets, corn, oyster shells, pellet feeder, water feeder, a pram, a baby (in baby seat), two baskets full of five chickens, two teenagers and two adults. Yup, it's a tight squeeze. But just look how happy we all are - yes, these kids cannot quite believe their luck!

Let's just hope that Dad's finished the final touches on their run by the time we get home. It's Dad's birthday today, so when he says "How many chickens have you got there? .... I thought we were getting two......" grumble..... grumble..... bah humbug....... etc.
We say "Happy birthday, Dad! Look this little speckled one is yours - isn't she lovely?"

And, let's face it, they are all totally gorgeous. And where's the fun in just keeping one breed of hen when you can have them all different? (I know I am just trying to convince myself here!) The kids have still not got over the fact that we came away with so many - normally I'm a very sensible person, who plans these things very carefully - I don't think they've ever seen me act so impulsively before!
And, as for Dad, well he just loves them too now - every time he goes out the back door to the greenhouse he takes a quick handful of corn to scatter on the way, and when the chickens see him they run after him clucking happily! I know, it's only cupboard love, but who's telling? They are sooooooo cute!
Many thanks to L and C for all your help, we really couldn't have done it without you.