Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Project Room

Apparently, everybody needs a project room. Well I've never had one, and to be honest, I'd never even thought about it - but having just moved my youngest daughter out of her old bedroom and into another room which we have just finished renovating, I think I might have found one.

It has taken over a year to renovate my daughter's new room (and it still isn't completely finished) - how do these home makeover shows manage to finish so quickly?? Kevin McCloud would be able to have a fantastic rant at how slow we are - some people manage to build a mansion in the time!!! I'll post about the new room soon (once those all important finishing touches are in place!) with lots of photos.

Anyway, I digress - back to my project room! Up until now, my projects just happen all over the place - anywhere I fancy....

...so there are sewing machines and fabric all over the dining room, half painted benches in the hall, random pieces of furniture waiting for restoration in my bedroom, bedspreads and cushions for the new bedroom in the lounge..... etc. etc. ... So, when we finally moved the little angel into her new room last week, I took the opportunity to move some of the stuff from all around the house into her old room - and, hey presto, I now have a Project Room.

And here it is so far...

.. with a desk painting project underway already!

I love it! I can gather all my gorgeous unfinished things in one place... and it's pink and pretty, what could be nicer? AND I don't have to move half finished projects just so that the family can eat tea.

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