Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Hen House

Well, so much for having all my projects in one room. Already my project room isn't big enough to hold all my stuff, so I have overspilled into the dining room again.

This time it's the arrival of the hen house - Yippee! - great excitement at The Old Village Hall. But, of course, I don't want just an ordinary browny/orange stained wood hen house - nope, I want a cutesy, gorgeous painted one.

We've often talked about getting some hens, but it has never seemed to be the right time. But somehow it just happened that we noticed some cute hen houses on ebay, and before we knew it a bid had been made, and the house was won.

So, Lovely Hubby's done his big, strong, he-man thing and cleared a space for it to go....

... well I never liked that shrub anyway!

And then Lovely Hubby got out his tool kit and put it together.

... Hmm! What's going on in there? ...

And now it's sat on my dining room table...

... ready to be transformed into a Gorgeous Thing. How about Farrow and Ball's Lichen? Yes, I think that'll be it.

I really hope I can update you with the finished house VERY soon!

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