Thursday, 30 September 2010

So Happy, but So Sad

I can't believe that the time has come to wave off Little Thing 1! Her school days are done and now it is time for her to move on to the next big step in her life.

I'm so happy - she has done well at school, and she is going to a very good place - a very good place indeed...... And she is a lovely, lovely person (completely unbiased opinion here, you understand!).

..but I'm so sad. There are so many things left unfinished, so many more things I wanted to do with my little girl.... but, I've run out of time. So today she is packing her bags and I shall leave her in a very special place.

Christ Church College, Oxford  By Iñaki Lasa Rodríguez - Panoramio

...and I am SO proud.


  1. And so you should be! It must be a difficult time..full of mixed emotions,my sister waved off her two eldest the other week. I wish your lovely daughter lots of happiness and success in the future. :o)

  2. So bittersweet!
    I imagine I would weep and weep and smile and weep.

  3. Your blog is wonderful, I am your newest follower;))
    Greetings from Croatia, Biljana

  4. Sniffing and weeping along with you, though you have every right to be proud :)

  5. Oh, my gosh, those steps are so hard. My oldest moved out of the house to his own place a few years ago, and then my second one (second one is my only daughter). It hurt but the funny thing is now we really enjoy each other as adult 'friends.' Michael comes for dinner every week and Katherine only lives down the block so we have 'girl dates' together.
    Best of luck to your daughter. It's tough seeing her go, I know, but you'll be surprised that it brings you so much closer!

  6. You are right to be proud. Have just taken my two back this weekend, and I hate to say it but ... it doesn't get any easier! Still sad and happy.

  7. It is a very tricky moment when you wave them off into the big wide world, but can see you must be VERY proud! Lizzie


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