Thursday, 9 September 2010

Learning to Let Go

I think I have a problem with letting go of some of the treasures I find for Gorgeous Things. I find it sooooo hard to put some of  those special things into the shop! Why? I don't know. When I find these items, I tell  myself that I'm buying them for the shop, but then I squirrel them away. This is not a good way to run a business!

I have had a serious talk with myself - I must do better! Gorgeous Things Vintage Jewellery has had serious words with me too. I have to think about my lovely customers, and remind myself that it isn't fair to keep these special things for so long. My customers need to see them and buy them  to make their homes Gorgeous. And I need to get my dining room back - which has turned into a stock room. So, dear readers, the time has come to part with the Special Things. And here is one I adore....

This has lots of groovy fabrics from the 60s and possibly early 70s, and is all hand sewn - can you imagine what a labour of love this was? And it is huge - this is my bed and it's a king size. I love these patchworks which are made from leftover fabrics - and this has been made from old shirts, dresses, sheets etc.- I think they tell a story, of another time. I love how the Mary Quant style flowers sit on the dark background - it's a real Flower Power item.

So I feel better now, I've started on the Special Things.

So while we are putting ourselves in the 60s - we might need a coffee from a groovy coffee set? This set is by Midwinter. This pattern is called Coutry Garden. When you look closely, the colours are amazing - I am thinking of using the colours of this set as inspiration for my next crochet project.

Here's a better look at the colours, and I love that lid! The two linen placemats are from the same period - they are a little washed out, so I'm still undecided whether to put them in the shop.
And here's some more floral funkiness! This is a Dorma bedcover in a cotton mix - I think it must be for a single bed, where it would reach the floor. I don't think it has ever been used - the fabric still has that "straight out of the packet" feel.

But it is sooooo bright and cheerful and FUN! I think sometimes we take our interior design so seriously, don't we - I think the time has come for us to have some fun again!


  1. I think that must be one of the hardest things, parting with things you've bought for your business that you love. So difficult. The quilt is a beauty, and the bedlinen reminds me of my seventies childhood! I had a similar yellow flowery duvet cover, I think my mum still has it somewhere! Love Vanessa xxx

  2. Its amazing how things come round again - that Midwinter design now looks very modern!

  3. Hi just dropped into to see you! Thanks for visiting me on my blog.
    I can see why you wouldn't want to part with that patchwork quilt, it is gorgeous!
    Vivienne x
    P.S. I love the names of your chickens. :)

  4. Do you really have to? You know you don't have to be that grown up about it. Perhaps keep the quilt as it's one of a kind and fabulous. I have things that are so wonderful I know they'll make my stall look perfect draw the buyers in and all that, but sometimes I put these things back under the table and bring them home as I know I'll miss them too much. My lot are even worse and want to keep everything I bring home.

    Good luck in your selection and enjoy the weekend.

    Lisa x

  5. Hi hello, i just had to leave a comment its so nice to find another retro lover. I love the midwinter coffee set beautiful colours and such a funky design. And the first multi coloured bed spread what a gorg find i would most def not be able to part with that, It was def somebodys labour of love. I love all things 50's 60's and 70's to me they tell a story and have a lovely romantic air about them. Lovely blog ;-))


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