Thursday, 22 July 2010

A Visit to the Brocante

Well, the Biarritz holiday has been done and dusted.... and what a lot of fun was had! There was some indulgence .. with a little bit of this.
And lots of people watching whilst having one of these...

And there was lots of sun and fun on the beach with my hosts. Here are Little Thing 1 and 2...

And here is me on the beach - (as I see it anyway!) pretty glamorous eh?

But I thought that you might be more interested in one of my little outings - to the Brocante?
I make no apologies for the following totally indulgent photos of fabulous, vintage gorgeousness!

Oh my, those vintage linens are exquisite (unfortunately, also exquisitely priced!!)

The whole street was filled with tatty vans, which were unloading the most amazing treasures.

Nice bit of enamel ware coming up...

The dark table and tall cabinet at the back are made of metal - they have been stripped and polished, and were totally amazing. I loved them - unfortunately the luggage allowance on Ryanair would not have stretched to one of those though! But great ideas for Gorgeous Things methinks!

Mmmm, some girly stuff on this stall!

And some lovely lighting - as you know, I love a pretty chandelier...

It seems a bit disrespectful to just dump such gorgeous lighting on the dirty gravel, don't you think? I really, really wanted to "rescue" some of these!!

There was lots of stuff on view at this street Brocante, and, having never been to one before, it was really interesting to see what was on offer. The lighting and the linens were stunning, but I thought the furniture, china and glassware weren't a patch on the the amazing variety you can get at an English antiques centre (mention no names, but hey, it's true!) And, I guess, partly because of the Euro, the prices were really high.

So, back home now, and I feel refreshed and eager to get on with all my ideas for my Gorgeous Things. Starting with the opening of the Gorgeous Things Online Shop (see the link in my sidebar), where I will be offering various interesting bits and bobs over the coming weeks.


  1. Glad you had a lovely break.I've never heard of a brocante,but I think I'd enjoy a browse!
    I would LOVE to buy the bureau you have in your gorgeous things shop,but alas I have no room for it! I will keep checking in to see what else comes in though.

    Bellaboo :0)

  2. Hi - welcome back. I remember going to something similar in France where the whole town was given over to these stalls - I could have spent days there! Did get a few things though, which I still treasure, and its nice to look at them and remember that holiday.

  3. It must have been so difficult to have any sort of restraint at those brocante fairs! Wish I'd been there, then on the other hand, for the sake of my wallet, I'm glad I wasn't! Love Vanessa xxx

  4. Looks like you found quite the nice little sale. Were the doilies being sold at the girly booth handmade, or machine made?

  5. Thanks for the comments ladies! Val - the doilies were all antique and handmade - amazing how intricate the work was. I now regret not buying something while I was there - maybe I'll just have to arrange another visit!

  6. Still an exciting trip though?
    I love those 'hooded' chairs, sort of a Lloyd Loom take on a Shepherds' chair LOL!

    Sandie xx


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