Saturday, 10 July 2010

Oodles of Poodles

Not sure why, but I seem to keep finding poodles this week!
This sweet little tin was hidden in a box of sewing things inside a piece of furniture I bought this week. Isn't it the cutest thing? I was so excited when I found it! Perfect for filling with pins in a vintage sewing basket.
 And then, my lovely friend from Gorgeous ThingsVintage Jewellery (see link in my sidebar) asked if I'd like to buy anything from her pile of items in need of repair. Oh yes, I'd like to have a look! And I chose quite a few brooches, one of which was this proud looking woofer.

Isn't he the most gorgeous chap? His pin was a little bit wobbly, but I've given it a quick tweak with the pliers, and I think it'll hold now. He's definitely coming on holiday with me! Oh - did I mention I'm off on my hols? Yes - I'm off to Biarritz this afternoon - and this brooch is going to preserve my modesty on the front of my new maxi dress! Apparently the dress required boobs - and I'm a bit lacking in that department - but no matter, this little fellow will make sure that there will be no gaping!
And my final poodle is this fine, fluffy chap-

He's an old pyjama case, and he's made from sheepskin. Look at his lovely face.

Aaaaw! I feel so sorry for him, because he IS very cute, but he is also very old, and (whispers... a bit mancky) I think he must have been in a house with heavy smokers, cos his woolly coat is a bit yellow. I have tried to sponge wash his coat, which has improved him a bit - well, he doesn't smell anymore, anyway. But, he is still a bit mancky. Mr Thing is sick of moving him around my utility room and keeps asking to take him to the tip. Oh, I wish I knew what to do with him - I'm thinking maybe he is destined to find a new home from the car boot sale. But that is if Mr Thing doesn't dispose of him whilst I'm on my girls holiday with Little Thing 1 and Little Thing 2!
But we mustn't be too cross with Mr Thing, cos he has to work next week while we go away to the land of poodles!
So, until then, toodle-poodle pip!


  1. I love all your poodles..but the pyjama case is the cutest.PLEASE don't send him to the tip!
    Have a wonderful time on your hols!

    Bellaboo :0)

  2. Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog recently - a few weeks ago now, about my painted wash stand. It sold quite quickly which always makes me happy, but what has made me happy is reading your blog today. It was so nice to meet/read someone else who paints such stuff. I loved your blog, thank you, Karen x (PS you left your comment on my ordinray blog not the shop one I signed in on)


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